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    Colette/ laboratoire Lumiere-"the Bedroom" Tokio

    & other "interior landscapes"http://www.artnet.com/usernet/awc/awc_artisthome.asp?aid=425934057

  • "Colette has created a complex oeuvre of performances and stage photographs. She has also pioneered trends in art, design and fashion, including the Victorian Punk look . As she has reinvented herself as an artist, she has seen her ideas filter into the commercial world ....Today, her influence on pop entertainers from Madonna to Lady Gaga, and visual artists like Cindy Sherman is clear "

    Katie Peyton for Bomb Magazine/2013


    • .

      "fight terror with glamor"..


    • President of C.I.A.( the Colette Institute of Art) aka Laboratoire Lumiere

      "Dream Catcher " light  box for the Wurfel .@ Neumersteir Bar Am. Gallery Berlin



      link abovel on lenght article(26 pages ) on" the beautiful dreamer" Oct.2016)


      Active ingredient /Lisa Cooley gallery NYC/Jan/feb.2016.

      Action/Performance/documentation/ 70's early 80's/Mitchell Algus Gallery.NYC feb. april 2016.
      "Dream Catcher/invitation to do the Wurfel @ Neuemeister Bar Am. Gallery .Berlin
      "Vis A Vis."Johanna Breede /Photo Kunst/ May7/july8/Berlin
      "There's a Mermaid In the Attic ". PS1.MOMA. NYC # exhibition .june /nov.2016..http://artfcity.com/2016/07/13/not-an-alternative-forty-at-moma-ps1/ etc..

      "Lumiere Goes to Zululand " Thanda Art Project ."Star for life " South Africa. Nov. 2014


      Me, Myself & I . 68 Projects. Berlin . Nov./Jan.2017


      "Lumiere Occupies The Lowen Palais II"march (review april 2017.http://www.sopranointhecity.com/blog/2017/4/22/who-is-that-woman-in-the-golden-mask


      igger installation ( retrieving  my history ). Rempire gallery 91-

      Group Exhibitions. 2015

      2015/residency @the Foundation Starke/Berlin

      2015 / 2016 Group Exhibitions:

      "The Proud Collector "@The Grand.curator.Till Woeske

      "Displaced" Shlacten Festival curated by Emily Pueter /also in panel discussion at the intersection between Art& Science.

      "Microcosmi."( group show berlin ) Sept .2015 wall fragments/

      sleeping in Glass Cabinet. 91/Wake of Madame Recamier.74 .

      curated by Pascual Jordan & Petra Dragger.


      "the Downtown Decade" Rare´Gallery NYC. Sept .2015

      "Transitions": Olympia practices being 2 places at one time""(sleeping in glass cabinet.)Werktadd Galerie . Sept- Oct. Berlin

      Open Studios @Foundation Starke."lumiere goes about her Business' nov. 7. installation performance with art works.

      Time Lies. International Kino. curated by God's Dogs .Nov.2015


      "the transformation of the Sleeping gypsy. 1973 .Stefonatty Gallery nyc. installation and sleeping perfomrance.

      Spring Fever @HAgn. Berlin . March/April 2015

      lnstallation view on right .

      central room of exhibition space "C.I.A .( the Colette Institute of Art " offices.. installation in progress.The Starke Foundation Berlin ;May 2015

      "Lumiere Occupies The Lowen Palais".

      solo exhibition .may june .2015.Foundation Starke

      Installation of works from 70's till now displayed not only in the the exhibition rooms but in other hidden spaces of The Lowen Palais usually not open to public . In the central room: are installed the "C.I.A./ the Colette Institute of Art  nomadic offices -a work in progress. (more images of other rooms available upon request)

      Colette retrospective. Opening performance. 1981. Munster kunstverein. curated by Thomas Deecke

      THE COLETTE INSTITUTE OF ART PROTECTS, SHARES AND PROMOTES COLETTE VISION, HISTORY &.TRADEMARKS..( ex; "minimal Baroque".1973 "Deadly Feminine". 1978....MOTTOS: such as ""fuck art lets dance "" 1980 ( title of installation @Danceteria) ..and more recently .." Fight Terror with Glamor ".. "Beware of Women in Pink ""for C.I.A./(The Colette Institute of Art (Fb. page since 2004)


      We Are In process of Organizing a travelling retrospective with catalogue.; and seeking for the proper home for the "Colette Archive" "as well as her dismantled " Legendary environment"in 83. .

      ( left "The Making of Olympia"1981.@ Munster Kunstverein for opening of retrospective..curated by Thomas Deecke with Monograph by Politi & texts by Arturo Scwarz, Peter Selz, Jeffrey Deitch ..)

      tColette's work is in the Collection of Guggenheim .N.Y.C , The MOCA L.A, The Museum Ludwig Cologne , The Brooklyn Museum NYC, Bar Harbor Museum of Art LA, The Aldrich Museum Connecticut , F.I U. Museum Miami,The Wolfsburg Museum , Germany, The Berlinshe Gallery Berlin. She has exhibited in those museums as well . Other museums that presented her works: The Musee Dart Moderne Lausanne, The New Museum NYC.The Grey Art Gallery NYC. The Neue Gallery Vienna, The Museum of Comtemporary Art Houston,Texas,The Woflsburg Museum Germany etc. etc.The Berlin Kunsteverein, The Munich Kunstverein , the Museum of Modern Art ,Finland, & the Munster Kunstverein ( pic of installation Performance above.) etc


      metaphysical portrait of Alexandra. .

      Laboratoire Lumiere/ NYC/Berlin

      president- NOMADIC ATELIER & OFFICES.

      Sep 2001 – Present

      "Colette aka Lumiere Metaphysical Portraits reinterpret the classical art of portraiture and look like inner maps. In creating them , the artist seeks to interpret the soul of her subjects.


      COMISSIONED METAPHYSICAL PORTRAITS: LaboratoireLumiere@gmail.com

      left:comissioned "Metaphysical Portrait "of Alexandra " 20 by 24 inches .acrylic on canvas with stiching . exhibited @ Undercurrent YC. 2014. "Metaphysical Portraits & Other experiments from Laboratoire

      Lumiere ":


      installation view of  of selecected "Records from the Story of  My life " 78/2007 . for "lumiere Occupies the owen Palais. 2015.


      left ."autobiographs. foto editions beginning with 70's/& wall fragment with foto.

      In "Lumiere Occupies the Lowen Palais' May /June 2015.

      foto editions and LP's -unique art works, crystillizing life and art . in the form of record album covers.

      Records from the story of my life have been exhibited in group and solo shows since 78.

      "The Woman with the Mask"

      "Time Lies..Kino international .Berlin .curated by God Dogs. Nov.27.2015


      "Tribute to the Unknown Artist" Images large & small of "woman with the mask". were posted on top of 90's Graffiti walls of the Landmark cinema. . Harkening back to early street works/a video of "the Ear" was projected on a large screen ./1973 (with AL Hansen and Arnold Newman )


      "Colette's Art Like Warhol is bound up with the idea of uninterrupted performance "" so that her physical presence itself becomes a king of signature" Johnathan Crary Arts mag. 83


      "If Colette and her image as Lumiere seem indistinguishable from one another, it is due to the timelessness of her breaking the vertabrae of time..."

      Lisa Streitfeld./ Huffington Post/ 2015


      link for the video "the Ear "73:

      "street apparitions '  foto edition - series from a "Pirate In Venice" 2011.

      " A Pirate In Venice "

      Documentary  by Friederike Shaefer & with Colette.& her works.


      The film takes place in Venice during the 2011 Venice Biennale . It includes important edited footage, images & conversations with Colette , Alan Jones, Emilio Fiorucci, Anthony Haden-Guest Paolo Barozzi.,Jorg Starke.etc available for screening in museum's auditoriums, Universities, galleries, small theaters etc.( 35 minutes )

      "Homage to Colette the Artist/the Reverse Pop Series .78/83 curated by IFAC.2014.

      performance/installation. Colette stamps archivial documents in offices ,curated by IFAC.( Delancey st. NYC. Jan.Febr.2014

      view of "the bedroom " tokio comission.for hpgrp. ginza. 2005. environment with paintings, sculpture ,clothes acessories ,souvenirs cd. art multiple

      C.I.A( the Colette Institute of Art) services

      While Colette continues to create and exhibit her art in galleries, museums &other art spaces, the C.I.A.is in charge of comissions for : "on site "permanent or temporary Art environments..wall installations for, Department stores windows , Hotel rooms & lobbys ..building entrances..etc

      'Colettesized Berlin Family Portrait" 1985 .120 by 180 centimeters mixed media.

      "Colettesized Portraits"Comissions

      Colette's involvement with the commisioned portrait began early in her careet but bacame highly publicized with the solo exhibitions "The Aristocrats" at Carol Johnssen ( Munich 2001) & "Intriguing Faces" at Vivian Horan ,NYC.2007.Her portraits involve an alchemical process, which she defines as "Colettesizing". using photography.,paint, resin and other materials.

      contact Laboratoire Lumiere @gmail.com for comissions & more info.

      The Colette Lounge @ The Lowen Palais Berlin. 2015

      " THE COLETTE LOUNGE " @ the Lowen Palais . Berlin 2015 " with Colette paintings & sculptures).previously the Colette Salon /95 to 2000.( a  comissioned work )



      In 1985 I was commissioned to create the sets and costumes for the Berlin opera, for Ravel's "L'heure Espagnole" . In 2004 I was commissioned to create an entire floor in the HPGRP fashion building in Ginza ,Tokyo. The environment showcased my paintings,light sculptures - furniture and fashion & multiples ...from t-shirts to Cd's

       there's a mermaid in the attic.PS1Moma. 2016.nyc. installation

      Constructed Photographs...70's till now..

      "Theres a Mermaid in the Attic. " MOMA PS1 #40 exhibition .2016


      C.I.A. is looking for publisher for a CoffeeTable Book with images of installations etc. 1970s till now

      (Colette 's installation/performances -are available in Foto editions .)


      .(10 monographs have been published on my work.)


       there's a mermaid in the attic.PS1Moma. 2016.nyc. installation

      2017. "Lumiere Occupies the Lowen Palais"

      Exhibition of NEW WORKS. ..screening of" Pirate in Venice"2012. .& Screening room with video marathon of various documentaries ..70's till now on Colette's history by others

      & installations in rooms not normally open to the public of earlier series; Ex;"Mata Hari & the Stolen Potatoes " room berlin -84-85 /"Dial c"for Scandal Series 87-89 Munich . ( the Bavarian Adventure ) "ArT on Stage" ..etc.





      10 monographs .(1981-2016)

      .most recent:

      " street works from the 70's ". limited edition was published by Antoine lefevbre editions. 2016.


    • Below:" I create a landscape and become part of it" (an inner landscape):

      published in Jeffrey Deitch Catalogue "lives "NYC.1975

      My living Environment " An inner Sculpture with a sculpture within it. copyright 73

      .colettetheartist.com /image of Colette aka Justine  in her legendary living environment 1981


      "I have been told that Colette's environment - and it took ten years for it to grow to what it is now-is in danger of disappearing due to the total lack of support from museums and institutions. This would be a real tragedy. It would deprive New York of one of its last poetical spots. I cannot believe that they could be blind to art and deaf to the harmony of love. For love has nested in Colette'apartment"     Arturo Schwartz (1981) for Politi's Monograph on Colette


      The Living environment is still in storage. The Late Leo Castelli was very close to selling it &placing it a museum permanently in 1983. It is now in the Greatest Danger of Disappearing .!


      "Metaphysical Portraits &

      other experiments...

      NYC. 2014